• The leading players in the sector from across Europe & Globally expected in June for the Virtual Student Housing Conference
  • The Student Housing sector meets virtually in June

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Student Housing 2020

The leading players in the sector expected in June for the Virtual Student Conference...

Student Housing

The Student Housing Sector to meet virtually in June...

Student Housing Conference

Big audience expected for the Virtual Student Event in June #LDEStudent

Agenda & Panel

The Student Housing Market - how is it responding?

Tuesday 23rd - Thursday 25th June  2020

With the Global Student Housing Conference, due to take place in London in May, postponed until the Autumn, we are going to be bringing the sector together virtually in June to discuss the impact on the market of the current pandemic, and it's future investment prospects.  What opportunities are emerging?

Currently large scale gatherings are unable to take place in person for a while, but that doesn't stop people coming together virtually. We have built a fully interactive virtual conference system with presentations, panel sessions, and even more effective chatting and networking options for attendees. 

Join the leading players in the Student Housing Sector:

  • Organised by LD Events, the European Market leader for ‘Alternative Residential’ Property Conferences
  • Join hundreds of the leading players in Student Accommodation Property
  • Examining the impact of the Coronavirus on Student Housing across the world
  • How is this affecting operation, student welfare and future investment?
  • A Look at Future Opportunities in the UK & the Sector Globally - what has changed and what hasn't?
  • High level networking opportunities with hundreds of the leading players in the Sector from across the UK, Europe and Worldwide
  • Taking place over three days, with live conference sessions each morning and innovative networking sessions afterwards, including live individual face to face and messaging options with all other attendees.

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    Conference Agenda


    Tuesday 23rd June – 10.00am-11.30am UK Time

    What really matters in the Student Housing Market in 2020 & what effect do we expect to see globally in the short, medium and long term?
    What will happen to global flows of students and student numbers?
    Where should the market be looking for the next big opportunity areas and are there any fundamental changes can we now expect?
    Why is there still plenty of investor confidence in the sector long term and does it now move higher in the opportunity list as opposed to other asset classes?
    Philip Hillman, Chairman – Living Capital Markets, JLL 

    The Investment Session - Outlook for the UK, Europe & Beyond
    How are investors viewing the impact of the pandemic on Student Housing?
    Where are Investors looking and where is the priority?
    What are the key deals in the current market and who are the players?
    Is the key now consolidating in markets they are already in or looking for opportunities in new markets?
    Is Europe becoming more attractive and where in particular?
    Have opportunity markets adjusted or are investors still comfortable with the long-term fundamentals?
    What is happening with the Global Capital Markets – are the funds still readily available?
    Are low interest rates boosting opportunities?
    Nicky Barker, Director – Real Estate, KKR
    Daniel Gorzawski, Managing Director - Head of Europe, Harrison Street
    Sean McKeown, Managing Director, Arlington Advisors
    Jeannie Wong, Vice President, Real Estate Private Equity, Brookfield
    Philip Hillman, Chairman – Living Capital Markets, JLL (Chair)

    Looking at Mainland Europe – what impacts are European markets expecting?
    How are operators reacting in European Countries and is it now about consolidation rather than growth and expansion?
    Which Countries are likely to have a more difficult time and where are the biggest opportunities as we look forward?
    Which organisations are still looking to drive growth and which countries are they looking at?
    Is the pandemic likely to stop the evolution of Student Housing to new territories and consolidate more mature markets, or will this geographical spread continue?
    Marcus Roberts, Director – Head of Student Housing, Savills (Introductory Presentation)
    Samuel Vetrak, CEO, Bonard
    Charlie MacGregor, CEO, The Student Hotel
    Brian Welsh, Chief Executive Officer, Nido Student
    Philip Hillman, Chairman – Living Capital Markets, JLL (Chair)

    Wednesday 24th June - 10.00am-11.30am UK Time
    How is the UK Student Market reacting?
    What has happened with demand for next year?
    How have application numbers for the next academic year been affected and where have we seen the biggest changes?
    Student Numbers - What challenges are now faced domestically and will we see a collapse in international student numbers?
    Nick Hillman, Director, Higher Education Policy Institute

    UK Student Property Delivery and Operation
    What are we expecting and how might rents, income and yields be affected?
    Are we looking at a short term or long term adjustment?
    Where in the market both Geographically and terms of the Student Population is there need for more Capacity? What should those investing be looking at?
    Which geographical areas, institutions and products will be most affected in the UK student housing market?
    Will we see a change in product, how it is designed, and will demand for certain types of accommodation grow?
    Will working with Universities be more important than ever?
    Nick Riley, Head of Student Housing, Whittam Cox Architects (Chair)
    Nick Hayes, Group Property Director, Unite Students
    Niamh O'Connor, Head of Student Accommodation & PRS, Summix
    Sarah Barr Miller, Head of Insight Sales, UCAS Media

    What are we seeing with the reaction of student housing markets Globally?
    How have US & Australian markets reacted and what are we likely to seeing going forward?
    Are we expecting a drop off in international students at Global institutions?
    What have the operational impacts been and how have operators reacted?
    Are we seeing state intervention and how might this boost markets?
    Are investors in international markets still confident?
    What are the similarities and differences between how the different international markets are reacting?
    Tom Devaney, Global Chief Operating Officer, Scape
    Conal Newland, Director, Student Accommodation, Savills Australia and New Zealand

    Thursday 25th June - 10.00am-11.30am UK Time

    How have the Universities responded to the pandemic and how does it affect their future plans?
    What does this mean for the overall business model?
    Will fundamental changes be required in the longer term?
    How crucial is Government support and what is needed?
    Will universities look to change the accommodation model?
    What kind of Partnership Opportunities will be prevalent between Universities and Private Sector Operators & Investors?
    What is the likely future evolution of the market and where so we see things in the longer term?
    Martin Hadland, Founder & Managing Director, Student First Group (introductory presentation)
    Paddy Jackman, Interim Director of Campus Services, University of Birmingham
    Caroline Samson, Head of Asset Management, University of London
    Ben Stuart, Director – Residential & Business Services, University of St Andrews

    How is the industry approaching the crucial issue of student welfare during the pandemic?
    How are operators helping students through the crisis both financially and through mental health support?
    What have operators learnt about student welfare needs and how can this be used in the long term?
    Victoria Frost, Head of Residential Life, London School of Economics
    Rebecca O'Hare, Head of Partnerships & Resident Experience, Student First Group

    The Merging of the Student Housing Sector with Co-Living and Micro Living the UK & Europe
    Does a flexible hybrid model now become more prevalent?
    If international student numbers fall is a switch to co living and a wider tenant base a good strategy?
    How will the Co-Living business model be affected by the pandemic and is it vulnerable?
    How might Co-Living markets adapt to social distancing and other potentially difficult operational challenges?
    James Kingdom, Head of Alternatives Research, JLL

    If you can't make some of these times, this is not an issue, all sessions are then available on demand to all registered delegates.